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Although many people view their cars simply as transportation from point A to B, we believe that you should enjoy the car you’re driving. Here at Whiteway Motors, we hunt down great quality cars with reliable history checks to provide you with a vehicle that is not only in good working order, but is very affordable as well. Whether it’s a brand new or used car, we are sure to provide you with the right car for you.

We have a great choice of cars to choose from, however if you don’t see any that catch your eye, that’s not an issue. One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Whiteway Motors, is that we work hard on finding you the exact vehicle you want. From the model itself to the interior design inside, we will scour the country across our many trusted dealers to bring you the exact car you want.


If you know what you want, then we have got you covered. However if you also are not sure about what you want, then that’s also perfectly fine as we can provide you with a wide range of cars for you to look at.


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to cars, that’s why we believe in finding the right car for you that is not only what you want, but reliable and in great condition as well. 

Looking to get the best fuel prices on the Island with the best customer service from the friendliest garage in Guernsey? then look no further.

We’re not just your Local garage with great fuel prices.

Whiteway Motors also offers all the essentials you may need!

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