Finding your dream car, whether it’s for practicality or a model that you’ve been looking for for a while, can be very difficult to find on a small island. Although we have many car dealerships on island, sometimes the cars they provide can either not be what you’re looking for, or out of your price range.

Find your dream car with Cars Connect

That’s why here at Cars Connect, we aim to find exactly what you’re looking for. If the cars we have to offer you aren’t exactly what you want, or you have a model and make in mind, then we will scour the UK to bring you your car. From the model, year, interior colour to extra features, we will take every factor into account. We are highly likely to find the car you want in the UK, which is the reason why we offer importing as a service.


We have connections with car dealerships across the UK, and are certain that we can find the exact car you want for a great price as well. By taking a small deposit, we can ensure that travel costs are covered, and that the car will be fully insured and brought to you in the best condition possible.


There is no limit on what car, model or make, that we can import for you. Whether it’s the latest Range Rover, or a classic MG, and everything in-between, we’re sure that we can find it for you and bring it to you hassle-free.

If you’d like to know more information on Cars Connect Imports, please do not hesitate to get in touch.